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Interview: Lachie Whitfield

December 18 2020 – Mitchell Grimes

Hey Lachie thanks for chatting with us! Can you tell us a bit about your background in football?

I’ve never played competitively as AFL has always taken pole position regrettably. However soccer has always been my preferred sport since my teenage years. My dad is English, born in Liverpool, so my love for the game definitely stems from his.

Did you ever have to make the choice between Aussie Rules and Football as a player? 

In another universe I’d love to be a Socceroo. I often ask my parents why I didn’t play soccer as a junior. Post my Afl career I’d love to join a local soccer club. 

What have been some of your favourite moments following football? 

My favourite football memories are definitely the more recent ones. Liverpool champions league and premier league success. The Luis Suarez Liverpool era. 2005 in Istanbul with Stevie G.

Did you have a lot of kits growing up? Do you remember your first kit as a kid?

My first kit was a Steven Gerard jersey 2005. Through my teenage years I’ve accumulated a fair few kits, majority being Liverpool and England national team. I’d say I’d have between 40-50.



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