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MY KIT: John Barrett - 3032

July 02 2020 – Mitchell Grimes

This week we caught up with John Barrett from 3032 to talk THAT penalty, bruised banana socks, and the Borussia Dortmund 1995/96 Away Shirt. 



Dortmund 1995



Hey John! Firstly could you tell us a bit about yourself? Background Info? Upcoming Projects? What you do for a living?


Hey Guys, I’m an illustrator, designer and copywriter. I studied advertising at uni and have been aiming to get a job as a junior creative at an agency but that’s a work in progress, so for the moment the focus is on 3032.


Can you tell us a bit about 3032 and the inspiration behind it? 


3032 has always been a creative outlet to just make things around the world of football. I think fans make football and push the culture forward more than clubs social media accounts ever could, so 3032 is dedicated to the streets and real, human takes on the sport. 

At first I wasn’t really clear on what it would be, I just wanted to start. I designed and sold a few socks but realised that wasn’t really my thing. I’ve always loved drawing but only showed my work to my mates, so now it has transformed into a way for me to get my illustrations out there and to keep designing new things.  Also, I still have 100 pairs of Arsenal bruised banana socks in my bedroom, just in case you’re reading this and want some, they really need to go. 



 What’s on the horizon for 3032?


Plenty of new work on the way. I’m looking into having my work sent to print with an online store going up in the not too distant future. Other than that, I’m experimenting with some DIY clothing that you can look forward to soon.  I’ll be printing it by hand, so expect limited releases, Once they’re gone, they’re gone. That sort of thing.

All will definitely be teased heavily in the lead up to their release to build some suspense, so if you’re following us on twitter and instagram you won’t miss it.


Tell us a bit about your background in football and how you first got involved?


I was the classic kid who got sucked in the second John Aloisi’s penalty kick hit the net. I was aware of football but Dad made sure I was only aware of AFL. My mum is English so after a trip back home I received my first football shirt, a David Beckham England kit.

I began to take an interest in Chelsea and Mum’s home team Ipswich Town and I’ve been in love with it ever since. Unfortunately for me I am the classic kid who was absolutely rubbish at football so I overcompensated by totally engrossing myself in every other aspect of it.


Which Kit have you chosen for your MY KIT?


I’ve chosen the 1995 Borussia Dortmund Away shirt. Beautiful eh?




What is it about this kit that connects with you?


I’ve always loved design and for that reason, kits have always been my thing. If you love design and football kits, then chances are you’re well acquainted of the masterpieces that are just about everything released by Borussia Dortmund in the 90’s.

This kit is just perfect in my eyes, and my heart has been set on it for a long time. When I got it as a present, I didn’t want to take it off. It reminded me of my first Chelsea shirt when I was 9.


Which player/s immediately comes to mind when you look at the kit?


Ned Zelic, definitely. Individual brilliance and all that.


Ned Zelic


Favourite Memory/footballing moment in this Kit?


I wasn’t born when this kit was in action unfortunately, so I’m a bit of a try hard in that sense. I get the odd German man coming up to me on the street to discuss Bundesliga football and I can’t really speak too in depth about Ottmar Hitzfeld’s title winning tactics.


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