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MY KIT: Marcello & Claudio Fabiano

November 19 2020 – Mitchell Grimes

Hey Boys! Firstly could you tell us a bit about yourselves? 

Marcello: Born in Sydney. Worked in London and Manchester for a while at a leading sports social media agency. Launched a football publisher called SPORF and worked on some cool social campaigns for FIFA, Coca Cola, Puma and with Premier League footballers. 

Claudio: Sydney boy, grew up playing my football for Sydney Olympic, Marconi and Sutherland Sharks in the NPL here. Spent some time overseas playing but due to some body problems found myself working more in the media side of football which I love, and I keep the playing aspect as my side hustle!

For those who aren’t aware of your brand can you tell us a bit about Sportley and what you guys do?

Marcello: Sportley is an Australian micro-publisher and a place where our ideas and concepts can come to life. It's a place where we can make some fun, engaging content for football/sports fans and spark up a bit of chat. 

Claudio: It’s fun! That’s the main thing! Football needs to be fun, that means opinions, banter, jokes and giving fans a voice, that’s what we love most!


What does the future hold for Sportley and you guys personally?

Marcello: Launching Sportley has helped us express ourselves creatively and has got the attention of some partners of ours like BeIN Sports, Ultra Football, Tennis Australia, and Optus Sport. We want to build a strong team of creators and talent, whether you’re on camera or off, to help brands, broadcasters and sports feds be relevant to younger audiences. 

Claudio: Football is moving towards this social/digital realm and I’d love to make a serious change to the game we love, using Sportley and collabing with all the others!

If you had to pick your favourite moment that your work has given you what would it be? 

Marcello: It’s a tie between working on the social media for Coca Cola during the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia and creating content for Sky Sports UK in Vegas for the McGregor/Mayweather fight. 

Claudio: Creating my own show for BeIN Sports! I love producing just as much as presenting and to create a show about football, FIFA and all the things I loved growing up, alongside one of my best friends from high school was great! Kicking back and watching it together on TV was the icing on the cake.

Which Kit have you chosen for your MY KIT? 

Marcello: ZOLA 1997/98’ Chelsea home kit - smashed everyone that year! Zola scored the winning goal against VfB Stuttgart in the UEFA Cup Winners Cup final.We also won the Super Cup against Real Madrid CF soon after. 

Claudio: Pro Match Replica DIDIER DROGBA Chelsea jersey from the Champions League Final in 2012.


What is it about this kit that connects with you?

Marcello: My dad was a massive Chelsea supporter in the 90s mainly due to the Italian invasion with players like Zola, Di Matteo, and Vialli. This was the first trophy period for us that I witnessed so it was a special time. 

Claudio: I remember feeling like we were on the verge of elimination 3 times in that tournament. Against Napoli, Barca and Bayern, but it was one of those wonder runs to win our first ever European Cup and to have a piece of that history means the world.

Which player/s immediately comes to mind when you look at the kit?

Marcello: Zola, obviously (that crazy backheel off the corner is just epic!) but also Di Matteo, and Vialli. Even top players like Poyet and Tore Andre Flo who helped shape the club in the 90s. 

Claudio: Well, the king himself DIDER DROGBA. But also Lampard, Mata who put that corner in, Cech with the penalty saves, Terry who dressed up just to lift the trophy! What a team!

Favourite Footballing Memory In this Kit?

Marcello: Winning that UEFA Cup Winners Cup. Big moment for the club. 

Claudio: As much as I loved the final, it would have to be after we lost 3-1 away to Napoli, then turned it around at home. After 3-1 at 90 minutes, I had to go to school! So I convinced my teacher to whack it on the TV for extra time and Ivanovic scored THAT goal. I really started to believe at that moment.



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