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MY KIT: Mickey Hodgson

October 30 2020 – Mitchell Grimes

Hey Mickey! Firstly could you tell us a bit about yourself and your background in football?

Hey Guys! Thanks for having me. I, like many of your followers, am just a football obsessed guy who never really wanted to do anything else except work in football. I remember as an 8-year-old flicking the TV on before school and seeing Brazil vs Norway during the France 98 World Cup. It was right before Tore André Flo scored an equaliser in the 83rd minute and then Norway went on to win with a late penalty. That was my first taste of international football and from then on in it’s basically been my main focus. I remember it like yesterday and I still can’t get enough. I played a lot as a kid and then straight after school I got a job supplying Nike teamwear to clubs while I was at university and then Ultra Football was born.


Ultra Football

Are you able to tell us a bit about ultra and your role? 

Ultra Football really is something special. It’s a store that is well over 3000 sqm in Alexandria, Sydney that isn’t just a store – more an experience for the football obsessed fan. We have an indoor pitch, restaurant, barber, café and because of our global stature we’ve managed to bring in products to Australia which our market never had access to in the past. Whenever there’s a big global release we are one of the few doors globally that gets certain product. My role at Ultra is Marketing Manager. I’m across everything from events, advertising, content and so on. It’s a lot of fun with a great team who are passionate about the game.

What does the future hold for yourself and ultra? Anything we can look forward to?

The future for us is to continue to grow Ultra. We have a lot of plans. We’re pushing harder and harder to get even more product into Australia and really take things to a new level. COVID has slowed things down but I have no doubt in the not too distant future we’ll have a new location in another Australian state. I can’t wait for that because I know what it will mean for the business and also football loving fans. It’s very exciting.


If you had to pick your favourite moment that your work has given you what would it be?

Tough one really because we’ve done so many cool things since we opened – to be honest I think being there from the beginning and being involved in Ultra from day 1 has been an invaluable learning curve for me. Seeing things unfold and now get to a point where the brands view us as one of the best football doors worldwide has been a fascinating experience that still gives me a buzz as we continue to grow and try to help the game improve here in Australia.

Which Kit have you chosen for your MY KIT? 

This was hard! Over the journey I have collected an alarming amount of kits. I’ll go with my Juan Sebastian Veron 99/00 Lazio third jersey.

Mickey Hodgson


What is it about this kit that connects with you?

I chose this one just because it’s from that time where I really started to fall in love with the game. I love old school designs from the 90s and early 2000’s as well. Lazio really had some outstanding Umbro and Puma kits. I love the Del Monte logo as well.

Which player/s immediately comes to mind when you look at the kit?

Lazio won the league that season by a point and had a ridiculous team with the likes of Mancini, Nedved, Simeone, Nesta, Salas… the list goes on.

Favourite Footballing Memory In this Kit?

I wore it for the ANZ launch of FIFA20 in store last year which was cool!



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