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MY KIT: Rachel Bach

July 15 2020 – Mitchell Grimes

This week we caught up with freelance photographer Rachel Bach to chat Sam Kerr, 2019 Women's World Cup and the 2019 Chicago Red Stars home shirt. 


Rachel Bach


Hey Rachel! Firstly could you tell us a bit about yourself? Background Info? Upcoming Projects? What you do for a living?

I’m a freelance photographer based in Melbourne. I used to play football, and started mucking around with a friend’s camera on the sideline while I was injured one season. I ended up shooting a lot of local matches, and it became my hobby.

After a lot of volunteering and hard work, it turned into a career. Photography has been my full-time gig since the beginning of 2019, when I was lucky enough to work on a contract with Nike and some of the Matildas players. Since then, I’ve also worked as a content producer in camp with the Matildas. Can’t say I expected any of this, but it’s been immensely rewarding.



For those who aren’t aware of your brand can you tell us a bit about By The White Line and the inspiration behind it?


I created my moniker - By The White Line - in 2017. Initially, it was an Instagram account simply for housing my sports photography (which focused primarily on women’s sport). Before then, I was posting my work on my personal account, and I decided it needed its own space.

Since then it’s become my brand, which is all about celebrating the achievements of women in sport. Women’s sport is underrepresented in the media, so I’m trying to do my bit to change that.


What does the future hold for you and By The White Line?


The future is a little murky right now… COVID has significantly impacted on my work (as it has for many creatives), so I’m trying to stay positive and we’ll see what happens. I hope to be able to continue to showcase on and off pitch moments in the football world. A bit further down the track, we have a World Cup coming to Australia (2023), so I’ll do everything I can to work towards getting there.


If you had to pick your favourite moment that your work has given you what would it be? 


This is a tough one, there have been quite a few! On pitch, it’s hard to go past shooting a World Cup - France last year was incredible. I was lucky enough to shoot 15 games there, including the final. Off pitch, I love working with players one on one. Some of my favourite shoots have involved players signing for new clubs. I love the challenge of capturing them in their new kits for the first time in a creative way.





Which Kit have you chosen for your MY KIT? 


2019 Chicago Red Stars - Elevated Kit


What is it about this kit that connects with you?


I spent a fair bit of last year on assignment in Chicago, and I loved my time there with the Red Stars. The kit’s pattern includes the city’s skyline and train system - it’s representative of a place that is pretty special to me. The club welcomed me with open arms - they gave me so much access throughout my time there.

On my third trip for the year they gifted me this kit (shoutout to Em and Justyne), which I’m incredibly grateful for. Also, I’m trying to build a little collection of women’s football jerseys, so this satisfies that growing obsession.


Which player/s immediately comes to mind when you look at the kit?


Sam Kerr (sorry Chicago fans, I know that might sting a bit!). Possibly because it’s got her name and number on the back, but mostly because my assignment was to follow Sam’s journey at Chicago. When I look at this kit I’m also reminded of my experiences at the club in general, which are overwhelmingly positive. So many wonderful humans - players, staff and fans.




Favourite Footballing Memory In this Kit?


2019 NWSL Semi-final - Chicago 1, Portland 0.

Sam scores in the 8th minute, and from then on it’s as tense as can be. Late in the game, the home crowd starts singing “Chicago, Chicago, Chicago, let’s go” - it starts slowly and builds, and it’s so powerful. I’ll never forget it. They hold on for the win, and make it into the championship game for the first time.


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